One of the characteristics of the World Cups is the color that the hobbies bring from different countries in the stands. The Qatar event is no exception, despite the strict rules of the country that hosts the World Cup.

In Croatia’s matches he stands out among all Ivana Knolla former miss from the Balkan country and a model, who wears the colors of her country with some very provocative models.

Knoll has precisely starred in one of the viral images of the World Cup. Was taken during the match between Croatia and Morocco. In it, the model is seen in the stands being photographed by two Qataris who could not help but show a mischievous smile.

The image has gone viral on social networks, but someone wanted to explain why two Qatari men they would want to take pictures of a lush model.

Mohammed Hassan Al Jefairia prominent Qatari businessman, wanted to explain why his compatriots took these photos, and according to him, it has nothing to do with desire.

“Just for your information: they take a picture not because they like it, but because they don’t like the way she is dressed in regards to our culture. You can confirm this with any Qatari. It was probably to denounce himAl-Jefairi said.