The Rayo Vallecano players win the pulse of the club and sign their new contracts with Social Security registration

Sladjana Bulatovic, Montenegrin player for Rato Vallecano.

The Vallecano Ray issued this Saturday a statement that considers the crisis unleashed in the women’s team to be settled, after having negotiated in the last days to sign contracts with “own funds” that do not prevent proper preparation before the start of the league competition.

The crisis of the feminine Ray began five days ago when the Spanish Footballers Association (AFE) urged the Madrid club to register the players, who were training without a contract, with Social Security.

From the Ray they assured EFE that they had been “insisting on the Higher Sports Council for more than two months to find out what game they had for the women’s team”, which will compete in a professional league that “has no statutes.”

In turn, sources from the Higher Sports Council reiterated to EFE their “commitment to women’s football” by ensuring that the budget item that will be allocated to the professionalization of the Women’s First Division “It will be destined to the creation of the structure of the League itself and to the improvement of the infrastructures and playing fields” and “it will not be used to pay salaries because its character is a finalist”.

The situation of the feminine Ray has been resolved after negotiations that have concluded with the decision of the club to register the players in the Social Security system on August 20.

“The undesirable controversy, spread these days, has occurred due to the declared will of the Ray not to give in to any type of pressure, wherever it comes from, to celebrate contracts that they wanted to impose on us without negotiation, which meant, compared to the previous season, increases in the average remuneration above 35%, while all the income, both from television, sponsors and contributions from the different organizations have been drastically reduced, “says Rayo in its statement.

“Due to the emergency of the situation, Rayo has carried out the negotiation and conclusion of the contracts using its own funds so as not to diminish the expectations generated in several players due to the drastic lack of income generated by the incomprehensible situation that the professional league has not yet been approved, “says the club, which ensures that” it has never practiced discriminatory treatment with the players. “

The Iberdrola League will start on September 9 and the Rayista team will have to visit the Wanda de Alcalá de Henares Stadium to face Atlético de Madrid.