One of the young promises of Spanish football, Nico Williams, he is concentrated with the senior team for the first time and this Saturday he could play with La Roja against Switzerland. However, the striker has been in the news for some statements he has made to Brand, in which It deals with topics such as your level of Basque, what you would say to Pedro Sánchez, etc.

After stating that his level of Basque is “zero”, Twitter has been filled with both comments criticizing the player and defending him, since they justify the way of answering, which has been between laughs, because of the nerves. In addition, some say that he is not obliged to know the language of his land and of his team, Athletic Bilbao.

Regarding what he would say to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, he answered “lower taxes”. These statements are more relevant, since the Government is dealing with this matter in recent days. It is not usual for footballers to get into these messes, but Williams has answered all the questions without any shame and from the most absolute sincerity.

The controversy is served, but the important thing for football fans is what the player shows on the field this Saturday through his game, the rest will be clarified or will simply remain a simple anecdote.