The National Police have arrested a 62-year-old woman who was carrying a revolver and carrying another, both loaded, in the stands of the municipal sports complex of Alcobendas (Madrid), where a soccer game for prebenjamines (children between 5 and 7 years old) was being played.

Last Friday, around seven in the afternoon, at the facilities located on Manuel de Falla street, the spectators of the meeting, mostly the parents of the minors, observed how a woman, of French nationalityHe pulled out a short firearm. It was a revolver loaded with six cartridges.

Quickly, two policemen who were off duty and watching their children’s game, accompanied by two other parents, ran to reduce the woman, whom no one knew in the stands. Witnesses called 091 and a National Police patrol arrived at the scene, which finally managed to shackle and arrest the lady.

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When inspecting his belongings, the agents found a second revolver, also loaded with six cartridges, plus four flares and a can of pepper spray. The arrested woman, who hid her face with a wig, sunglasses and a neck gaiter, was transferred by 112 to the Infanta Sofía hospital, where she was admitted to the Psychiatry Unit for presenting a mental disorder.