The Mossos arrest Josep Maria Bartomeu, former president of Barça

Josep Maria Bartomeu, on the day of his resignation as president of FC Barcelona.

Josep Maria Bartomeu, former president of Barcelona, ​​has been arrested as a result of the Barçagate investigations. In addition, the Mossos have entered the offices of FC Barcelona on Monday morning to carry out a registration, as reported by Cadena Ser and this newspaper was able to confirm. The Police, who have been investigating the club since the club known as Barçagate came to light, are looking for evidence to investigate the case. The investigating judge number 13, in Barcelona, ​​Alejandra Gil, has ordered five searches to be carried out simultaneously for a case whose summary secrecy has already been extended up to six times. This situation takes place in a week that will culminate with the celebration of the elections to the presidency of the club.

It was in February 2020, just over a year ago, when Cadena Ser uncovered the news. The Barça club had hired an external company, I3 Ventures, to supposedly improve the public image of the then president, Josep María Bartomeu. I3 Ventures was also associated with a series of defamatory accounts on social networks that spread messages against club players, as well as against opponents of the management team and the Barça environment.

Own Barçagate -the compromising invoices were shredded to avoid the club’s own control commission-, as well as the bad relations with the star of the team Leo Messi -and the pulse that he starred in the summer to leave Barça- and the worrying financial situation of the club entity provoked the reaction of the Barça environment and the presentation of a motion of censure against President Bartomeu, which promoted the platform More than a mocio, and which was never held due to the prompt resignation of the president, who was cornered by public opinion.

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