The judge recognizes LaLiga the right to appear against the Super League

Tebas: "Real Madrid and Barça are not essential for our growth"

The Commercial Court No. 17 of Madrid It will allow LaLiga to participate in the trial of the ‘Super League Case’ by considering it an affected party. The entity chaired by Javier Tebas, joins UEFA and FIFA as defendants by the clubs that make up the Superliga and A22 Sports Management for the alleged “abuse of power” exercised by regulatory bodies of world football at the time of the attempt to create the Super League.

Currently, UEFA cannot apply any type of sanction towards the twelve teams involved in the creation of the Super League due to the existence of precautionary measures, at the moment the European football organization must wait until next October 1, date on which the hearing of opposition to the precautionary measures will be held.

The judicial order that allows LaLiga to be part of this case communicated that: “It will be considered part of the process for all purposes. The intervening party will be allowed the necessary allegations for his defense, which he has not made because they correspond to procedural moments prior to his admission to the process. The legitimate and direct interest of the National Professional Football League to intervene in the lawsuit must be recognized as it is directly affected by the precautionary measures adopted and as it is the holder of rights, powers and functions recognized by the Sports Law. that may be affected by the judgment handed down in the main proceedings “.

The judge in charge of the ‘Super League case’ adds in his resolution an agreement to increase the period of suspension of the procedure, since this was paralyzed until the Court of Justice of the European Union resolved this situation: “Having regard to the status of the present proceedings, It is agreed to raise the period of suspension of the procedure, so that the parties can make allegations in the framework of the ordinary procedure and answer the demand, and this without prejudice to the suspension of the period for issuing a judgment at the appropriate procedural moment, until the Court of Justice of the European Union, decides on the preliminary ruling raised by this Court “.

The This Court’s permission comes two months after LaLiga defended its right to appear as an affected party considering that “the decisions derived from it will obviously affect the balance of football in Europe “.