Luis De la Fuente’s first press conference as Spanish coach has been very tense. The absence of Sergio Ramos has been the main topic in the appearance of the coach from La Rioja, who did not want to go into the matter in depth, he has been seen annoyed by the constant questions on the subject and has ruled that In “the private conversation” between the two, things were made clear.

“We are not going to talk about people who are not on the list. I convey all my admiration and appreciation to them. There is a new coach who is betting on some players. I bet on them and I come to give them confidence“, he sentenced. In addition, the coach stressed that he had not closed the door on Sergio, but rather ”He was the one who said goodbye by letter from the national team. By video call we told each other everything we had to tell each other,” he explained.

De la Fuente expressed the Concern about his debut at the helm of the National Team: “Norway have a great team. We are going to try to minimize their virtues. I am concerned about our players, who are very good. I am sure that the Norwegian coach will be more concerned about our players than we are about his.”

He also spoke about the philosophy of the game and stressed that the one that will prevail is that of the coach: ”The criterion that will prevail is mine. I don’t have to talk about Sergio Ramos, I already talked to him about what I had to talk about. The issue is not opening or closing doors. If Ramos is not on the list, it is because I trust more in the 26 that are“, he sentenced.

The captaincy will depend on the trajectory of the footballers in the national team: ”It is a criterion established for a long time in the National Team. Right now they are Morata, Rodri and Carvajal”.

The Spanish coach commented on the great revolution of the list: ”We want to create a cohesive group and a team, which is what worries me. No one is going to be untouchable, we have a lot of competition and those who are in better shape at all times will come.”

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They also talked about style and, according to De la Fuente, they have a clear idea of ​​the game: “You have to be faithful to an idea. Any system will adapt to the idea of ​​the game. The versatility of the players allow us to play with different systems. They do not generate any stress and no doubts”.

Likewise, Luis had a few words about the “Negreira case”: “It is investigated and is in court. When measures have to be taken, let them be taken. We know the position of the RFEF and I am totally aligned with it. If there are responsibilities, let those who have to pay pay them.”

Ceballos, who has been one of the main novelties, and De la Fuente join their paths again, this time in the senior team: “I talk a lot with him and I’m glad he’s having a good time. In Tokyo we live in an unpleasant situation due to his injury. The luck is that he is back and that he recovered well.

To end, Luis acknowledged that Nacho Fernández fits into the idea of ​​the team: ”I have not talked with him. He is a professional soccer player and he knows how we move. He is in a great moment and I have considered it appropriate that he has to be on the list. It fits our idea and is highly versatile. I don’t know him, he’s one of the few I haven’t had the opportunity to meet”, concluded the new Spanish coach.