Tebas: “Real Madrid will never be like PSG because the Parisian club cheats”

Tebas harshly criticizes the Super League and sends a message to Florentino Pérez

The fast food franchise Burger King, will be new LaLiga sponsor until the 2023-24 season, in the act of presentation of the agreement, Javier Tebas He has taken the opportunity to talk about sports news of these last weeks.

Thebes has defended the economic situation in which the most powerful clubs in LaLiga are located. “I said that Spanish football is not ruined. Neither Madrid nor Barcelona. There is at least one 80% of clubs in Europe that have it much worse. Real Madrid has been the club that has best managed the pandemic, with enormous rigor in its salary expenditure, it has the capacity to do what it wants. It can never be PSG because PSG cheats. They have a salary expense close to 600 million euros, which is impossible. They are not a club state either, so you can’t“.

The march of the great stars of LaLiga does not worry Tebas, since he believes that there are several players who will carry the competition on his shoulders for the next few years. “Would say Vinícius, who is going to blow it up, and now that he has found the most. His celebration did not seem good to me, but good. Ansu Fati, and then Llorente from Atlético de Madrid. I think that between Ansu Fati and Vinícius we are going to enjoy a lot“.

LaLiga clubs have shown their concern about the excessive load of matches of the players who travel with their CONMEBOL teams and Thebes thinks that “on the second date I think we are going to have the same problem“.

After more than a year the football stadiums they greet the spectators again, ensures that they will continue working and following the pertinent indications to return to the level of assistance prior to the pandemic. “We want to have the maximum capacity as other leisure events have. We are working on improving this situation. That what the Autonomous Communities say is the same that applies to football. “