SPOX column away game – BVB flop Emre Mor and his new attempt: Like a con artist

At Borussia Dortmund, Emre Mor was never quite able to convince.

Emre Mor put many tasks in the sand in his young career. Now the 24-year-old attacking player is daring a new attempt in Turkey. They compare him to Lionel Messi, but Mor doesn’t really like that.

Mino Raiola had two difficult tasks to solve this summer: The 53-year-old Italian had to take care of two problem children.

For a game advisor who counts among his clients the likes of Erling Haaland, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paul Pogba or Marco Verratti, it is natural that each of his sheep is well looked after and cared for. A raiola player has to be happy. The Turkish clubs rushed to help him.

One of the flocks was Mario Balotelli, whom he placed with Adana Demirspor with a lavish contract. After initial difficulties, Balotelli has now settled in quite well and, in addition to some antics, also stands out with goals. With the other sheep, Raiola could have been nervous for a moment.

The man who dictates their prices to the biggest clubs in the world now had to make phone calls in a different tone of voice. Just be nice so as not to scare off potential buyers for Emre Mor (24). At the end of August, the Turkish first division club Karagümrük agreed to a loan deal.

When he has the ball – you just can’t look away

As in Dortmund or as with Galatasaray and Olympiakos, where it was loaned from Celta. And this time it is also a loan deal. Very unusual for a player whose contract expires at the end of the season. But what’s common with this Emre Mor …

Mor manipulates people because he belongs to a kind of soccer player who can take your breath away. In Mor’s case, it happens at increasingly larger intervals, but his explosive acceleration, his fast dribbling, this anarchy when he has the ball – you just can’t look away.

So someone will fall for Mor over and over again. There will always be a club boss who doesn’t want to hear about discipline, defensive work and consistency and who gives Mor a contract. If even a raiola gets weak when he doesn’t need to, that says a lot. So why not countless clubs until it really works somewhere?

Club President Süleyman Hurma proves how much they fell for Mor at Karagümrük. The 56-year-old is a shrewd businessman and knows all about it. It’s not that easy to outsmart a hurray. One thinks.

But Hurma, who is not only president but also the owner of Karagümrük and is considered a tough negotiator, says: “It would have been stupid not to try it with Emre. Even if the attempt only costs us money in the end, it is no problem. We have to try it. “

But is he serious? And if so, how long? In an interview with the Danish broadcaster, Mor indicated that at least a rethink had taken place Viaplay Sport to: “I’ve made mistakes and have to get smarter. I have to get my anger under control, but we’re on the right track.”

Mor also suggests that his role as a superstar was becoming too much for him and recalls the days in Dortmund: “From the boy from the ghetto, I suddenly became someone who everyone recognized on the street. I couldn’t behave normally – it was difficult. At first I liked the fact that I was recognized and it made me proud, but then it got too much. Because I realized that I would never be a free person. “

Emre Mor: No comparisons with Lionel Messi, please!

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