Seria A star Rafael Leão: fashion, music and AC Milan

Rafael Leão is one of the best players in Serie A. The Portuguese from AC Milan is not only knitting an extraordinary career as a footballer.

Scudetto! Eleven years after the last championship title, AC Milan finally celebrated the championship in the Italian Serie A again in the 2021/22 season. One attacker in particular played a decisive role in the title: Rafael Leão.

He delivered 22 points on the way to the championship and thus aroused interest from Chelsea FC. But the Portuguese international with the 150 million clause is not only one of the superstars of Serie A, he also performs as a rapper and owns his own streetwear brand.

Leão grew up in the difficult neighborhood of Barrio do Jamaica in Almada, Portugal. A poor area where it is not easy to live or even survive. He made appearances as a rapper early on and had his first gigs under the stage name “Way 45”. He raps about his life so far and his path to becoming a professional and combines his world as a footballer with the world of music.

In conversation with the magazine outpump Leão, who moved to Milan from OSC Lille in 2019, said about his path to producing his own songs: “When I came to France, I started listening to a lot more rap. Players like Jonathan Ikoné introduced me to French rap . These songs helped me learn a new language and I still listen to them to this day. Over time my passion grew and I decided to write, record and release my own songs.”

Leão’s album is playing in the Milan dressing room

However, the legal footer is not aiming for a huge career in the rap business: “The music will continue to be a pleasure, but it’s not there to make money. It’s different with my brand.” In addition to music, Leão has also made a name for himself in the fashion industry.

“Son is Son” is the name of the streetwear brand that Leão founded, and he didn’t choose the name without reason: “A son is a son, whether he’s 20, 30 or 50 years old. It’s a metaphor. That means That you can get out of your neighborhood, but nobody’s going to get your neighborhood out of you.” His father instilled in him an interest in fashion: “When I had to leave the house, he always made me stand in front of the mirror. He wanted me to check myself, to take care of my appearance.”

In Milan, Leão fits in perfectly with his passion for fashion. The Portuguese wants to use the good conditions to gain attention for his brand: “Here in Italy I’m lucky enough to be able to talk about fashion a lot and take part in fashion weeks. I’m trying to gain a place in this market step by step .”

Milan, fashion, music – Rafael Leão is more than just a great footballer.

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