The president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, has considered that Morocco will be a “very difficult” rival in the round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar, since it has “a very European mentality” and will play into the favor of the public as a representative “of the entire Arab world”and has revealed that they will talk to Luis Enrique about his continuity after the World Cup.

“We played a very difficult match away from home, because Morocco is the team of the entire Arab world, but I am convinced that we are going to win,” he told the media in Qatar. “Morocco is a tough, strong team, with a very European mentality“, he added.

In addition, he explained that the La Roja footballers are “focused” despite ending up “sunk” in the game against Japan. “Yes, we have noticed a strong connection with the fans, which I hope this latest setback does not break; surely it has generated disappointmentbut I am sure that the people will recover and in the match against Morocco they will come out at the top”, he indicated.

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“It was a hard setback not being able to beat Japan, but football has these things and the sooner it happens to us, the better. Hopefully we will recover the way of our game and, above all, the results”, he pointed out. “We had a disconnection of 5-10 minutes and that penalized us. We are going to look at ourselves and see that we are better than the teams that have left. It is not consolation, the players were sunk and dejected after the game, but we are already there. We are going to erase it, football is a steamroller, it is constant, and now we have chances to recover the path of victory and fight to reach the final”, he pointed out.

Despite the fact that Spain was eliminated for three minutes, the RFEF chief executive assured that he always trusted. “I did not see myself outside, because one always has faith. There was nervousness, you consider the disappointment that can generate millions of people. We were worried, but we finally won and we have to seize this opportunity that we have,” he said.

He also downplayed the fact that Luis Enrique admitted that he did not find out about the Costa Rican goal that left them out for a moment. “They wouldn’t tell him, there was a long time ahead. I realize it because in the field people perceive it. It was a short time. I am grateful that the players, in the first game, did not give up and continued scoring goals; The best way to respect an opponent is to score as many goals as possible, that’s what has led us to be in the second round”, he underlined.

Luis Enrique during the match between Spain and Japan in the World Cup in Qatar.

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“We have had excellent moments, materializing the chances, and other moments in which we have not found ourselves, that have been locked behind us; we have had problems similar to those of the qualifying phase. But the team has arguments“, he claimed.

In another vein, Rubiales was satisfied with FIFA’s explanations for not canceling one of the Japanese goals against Spain. “I think that the goal that Japan scores us is legal, that it doesn’t come out. It is a play that we see very often and that is very difficult. It is a goal, it is seen from above, it can be seen that not all the ball has come out. Nothing to object to,” he said.

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On the other hand, he does not believe that the fact of being second in the group will avoid them more problems than if they had gone to the other side of the box. “Avoid Brazil or not? You never know. The match against Japan has to teach us that there is no small enemy, even though we knew that Japan was a great team; In lower categories we always find them in the semifinals of the World Cups, and that reaches the first team. The It will be a good road if we have reached the final on the 18th“, he exposed.

“All of us who are here join forces to visualize Sergio Busquets lifting that Cup on the 18th. It is very difficult, there are 211 federations in the world and only one team manages to do it. We have chances despite the fact that we have had a setback. We have a group that is capable of beating anyone and it will be better in each match”, he continued.

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On the continuity of the Asturian coach, Rubiales did not want to anticipate events. “After the World Cup we will talk about it. We are very happy with him and him in the national team, but the analyzes are done when the competition ends. He was the first to tell us that he wanted to speak after the World Cup and both Molina and I agree. When the time comes, we’ll talk about it,” he declared.

In addition, he considers that the coach from Gijón assumes a large part of the group pressure. “The pressure is there and the responsibility exists. He wears them with a smile and a lot of personality. That is good for the group so that the footballers are abstracted and I think it channels 90% of the pressure directly. It’s positive,” he said.