Quique Setien, Barça coach after the dismissal of Ernesto Valverde, has returned to the front page of the Catalan team due to the revelations he has made during his time at the Camp Nou in the new Informe Plus program in which he is the protagonist. Now, in a new cut published on social networks by Movistar, he has come to light a curious anecdote of the Cantabrian with Gerard Piqué.

Barça received Espanyol at home in a critical situation, and the central defender, always involved in controversy, decided to arrive on a downhill bike at full speed and without a helmet to ridicule the possibility that the eternal rival would drop in category. The image went around the world, because far from understanding the joke, the fans perceived -like Setién- a lack of discipline.

Photo of Barcelona's central defender, Gerard Piqué, saying that Neymar is staying at Barcelona.

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According to the Spaniard, the video of that entrance to the stadium it came to his cell phone before the game startedand immediately went to ask for explanations from the center, a position for which he did not have replacements at that appointment.

“Mister, nothing’s wrong” was Piqué’s first response, to which Setién insisted again: “Listen to me, now when the game is over and I have to go to the press conference to give the explanations I have to give and they ask me about this, what do I say? “, he questioned. Again, Piqué answered the same.

As reported by the former Betis and Las Palmas coach, his decision was to play the game, a decision he does not regret. “I was able to make the decision not to play, but on top of that, that day was the best”explains to the camera.

Gerard Hammered, in file image.

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According to the newspaper Sports world, the center-back, who did spend some time going to training by bicycle (when his license was withdrawn), only used the bicycle in the last 300 meters of the journey to ironize with the situation of Espanyol.