PSG: Pochettino in uncertainty for Neymar

The Paris coach does not yet have any information on Neymar’s state of health. 0comment The Parisian coach has no information yet on Neymar’s state of health.

While Neymar came out complaining about adductors in Caen (0-1) this Wednesday evening, Mauricio Pochettino has no information to give regarding the Brazilian’s state of health. “It’s hard to know now,” the Parisian coach told Eurosport. Doctors will examine him tomorrow (Thursday). It’s hard to say, to know if it’s nothing, or to know if he will be there next week. .Pepsia {margin-bottom: 15px; } Pochettino refers to the trip to Barcelona in the Champions League. Scorer on a pass from Neymar, Moise Kean wants to be more optimistic: “Everything is fine. Tomorrow (Thursday), in training, he will recover. He will be ready for the match, ”hopes the Italian striker. Pochettino: “There are no regrets to have made Neymar play. He was in condition to play. These are things that happen… ” #SMCPSG
– Loïc Tanzi (@Tanziloic) February 10, 2021