The FC Barcelona He is getting more and more upset with financial fair play. The new arrivals and the few departures from the club penalize the team and might not allow them to register players like Lewandowski, Raphinha or Kessie.

Joan Laporta is "satisfied" with the new signings of FC Bacelona

Barça prepares the fourth lever: it will activate it if LaLiga does not allow it to register the signings

Joan Laporta, given the priority needs, it has already had to activate three levers and has the fourth ready in case it has to be used. However, he could find two great allies to stir up the club’s problems.

According to ‘Mundo Deportivo’, Sergio Busquets Y Gerard Piqué they would have met with the board and would have dealt with them with a possible salary reduction. A decision that both footballers seem to be willing to undertake.

The predisposition of two of the heavyweights of the culé team can be fundamental for Barça and its operations. In the case of the center, it would be the second time the salary was reducedas it did last season.

Robert Lewandowski and Joan Laporta.

The millionaire commission of Lewandowski’s representative for helping his signing for Barça

A fifth unexpected ‘lever’ that can relieve the club and that can join the possible departures of players with high salaries such as Memphis Depay or Frenkie de Jong, who are on the exit ramp and for whom the club presses to leave.