Pelé leaves the ICU but remains hospitalized after being operated on for a tumor in the colon


Pele He was discharged from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) on Tuesday, but will continue his recovery in the hospital where he was operated on for a tumor in the colon.

Pele, 80, presents “good clinical evolution” and “he will remain, from now on, in recovery in the room,” the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo explained in a bulletin.

The one considered by many as the best footballer in history was hospitalized on August 31 and underwent surgery to remove a “suspicious” tumor in the colon.

The tumor was identified during routine examinations that, according to Pelé himself, were carried out this year after having been postponed in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, which He has kept him semi-confined in his house on the São Paulo coast.

One of his daughters, Kely Nascimento, said the day before on social networks that “o rei” was “well” and in a “good mood.”

“He’s strong and stubborn, and with the help of all the amazing Einstein team, as well as all the love and energy and light the world is sending you, he will get out of this, “he added next to a photo in which he appears making a video call with Pele from the hospital.