The PSG started the 2022/23 season of Ligue 1 scaring with a ‘little hand’ in the field of Clermont. Neymar, Achraf, Marquinhos and Messi twice they were responsible for making the 0-5 with which the French team took the first three points of the season.

The icing on the cake was the Argentine striker’s second goal, not only because it was his team’s fifth, but also because of how he achieved it: with a Chilean. Of the many goals that Messi has scored throughout his career, these types of goals are not the most common.

Graphic of Messi about his last season at Barรงa and his first at PSG

Leo Messi’s goodbye to Barรงa, a year later: shadows at PSG and little trace of the player who dazzled the world

The goal of the Argentine has raised, how could it be otherwise, a great debate in the networks. Between the staunch fans of Messi and those who do not consider that it has been such a big deal, there is everything. The conversation began to turn not only on the quality of this goal, but whether it is comparatively better or comparable to historical Chileans, such as those of the ex-Madridistas Cristiano Ronaldo either bale on the Champions League.

In the pique he entered the rag until Katia AveiroCristiano’s sister, who applauded a post that placed her brother’s goal against Juventus above.