The FC Barcelona You have to be careful, at least with the leeds. The British team has notified the club chaired by Joan Laporta that he hopes that the Blaugrana financial situation will not be an impediment for him to carry out the payment for the Brazilian player.

Andrea Radizzaniowner of Leeds United, does not want shocks after having sold to raphinha for 55 million euros plus variables. “If he does not pay, we will have a global problem that will appear in all the media in the world”commented on The Athetic.

In addition, Radizzani made it clear that before accepting Barça’s offer he had broken a previous agreement with him. Chelsea due to the insistence of the player. “For me, [el trato con el Chelsea] it was done and when I have a deal, my word is my word… I felt ashamed to call Todd Boehly [nuevo dueño del Chelsea] and change my position,” he said.

Joan Laporta, in the Extraordinary Assembly.

Barça and its ‘infinite money’: How can it make millionaire signings despite its enormous debt?

“We made the deal with Chelsea because the player wanted to leave and was open to offers from Premier League clubs… But unfortunately, let’s just say that the influences of Barcelona convinced the player to wait, wait… until they could find a solution“, keep going.