Argentine soccer player Gonzalo Higuaín, currently an Inter Miami player, gave an exclusive interview to TyC Sports on Monday in which confessed his harsh past in Europewhere, on the other hand, he lived his best football years.

The ‘pipita’ Higuaín reviewed a career full of lights and shadows, and made a reflection that has permeated the world of football about the pressure that athletes experience due to the criticism they receive.

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“I said that I lived 15 years unnaturally. People think that we have an easy and ready life, and no, not at all”, Higuaín declared before the microphones in a great moment of form, since he has scored 13 goals in 25 matches leading his team very close to qualifying for the playoffs.

“We do not have the same right that you go down the street, they insult you and you can’t react, because if you do, the repercussion is double. If you lose a game, miss a goal or lose an important game, you can’t go outside. The soccer player lives conditioned by a result. It is a sport, a job, and it should not be confused. we are all human“, he assured the aforementioned medium

“It seems very unfair to me to have lived 15 years in the elite and not have been able to react to moments that I had to bow my head to insults and disrespect. At this point in my life I can’t tolerate it anymore. Humanly, I grew a lot thanks to my family and friends. I am in one of the best moments of my life“He ruled on this matter.

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Regarding the criticism received, he wanted to show his opinion on one of the hardest moments of his career, Argentina’s loss to Germany in the final of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. “We had to play the finals, they were lost, but we played them,” he said, trying to emphasize the magnitude of that objective achieved despite the defeat. “There were guys who had never seen a world final and they lived it”, he completed.

Now, at 34 years old, the soccer player is enjoying his last days in the North American league, away from the big European stages and relativizing everything that can affect your from outside the field of play. “I am already at a point in my life where neither praise makes me feel the best nor criticism the worst. The most important thing is balanceand when one is calm with oneself, the other is secondary”, he concluded.