Half of Madrid is enough with Marcelo

There are parties that cannot be explained from orthodoxy. Encounters that refer, without further ado, to the episodic, to the circumstantial. It happened in Valdebebas, where Real Madrid, with as much improvisation as efficiency, shook off a Getafe that was nothing. Marvin was not entirely expected to start. Even less so that Zidane invested in three centrals, one of them Mendy. Nor did it enter into many plans for Marcelo to be the MVP of the match. Not even remotely could it be suspected that Vinicius would end up being the sentinel of the entire right wing. Marvin was injured, but Arribas and Chust had reel. To culminate such a sudden day, Mendy caught the anesthetic 2-0 assisted by Marcelo. In the most French-like week for Real, Benzema had already scored before, a sequence after Varane’s two goals in Huesca. Neither before nor after did Getafe find out, a yawn all night.

Faced with a reduced Madrid, with an overload in the infirmary, the blue box was tepid, surprisingly warm. Not a trace of that green beret team that has cost Bordalás and his regiment so many successes as they have lost. Willing to whitewash the model of yore, Getafe enlisted in the winter market Kubo and Aleñá, players from another academy. They have not set yet and at the Alfredo di Stéfano the two were in the stands until after the break. There was no change of needles. With and without them this Getafe has lost its teeth. Today it is in the bones, without any currency. So much so that Zidane could well avoid a cold from Courtois, referred to being a spectator on a doggy night in Madrid.

Forced by casualties, ZZ basted the lineup with just enough. Well, and without Isco, apparently beyond the broom truck even on such pressing days. The French coach hinted at Marvin, at age 20, in his third intern match among graduates, his first as a starter. The juvenile, on the right side; the eternal, Marcelo, on the left. As a scaffolding for both, three centrals, with Nacho and Mendy as Varane escorts. Asensio rowed down the Benzema funnel, Modric tried to be Modric and Kroos, Casemiro went on the attack and Vinicius pedaled and pedaled on the left of the local offense.

Two plays with the ball stopped brought Madrid closer to the goal. Casemiro missed a foot from the net and Benzema’s header bounced off the crossbar. With the Getafe badly sheltered in the aerial game and with a sterile abuse of the ball, the Real became strong by the left attack. Marcelo, Mendy, Vinicius, Benzema were crowded there … No one was taking care of Marvin’s tutelage, incommunicado by his gang.

The Balearic is restrained, the opposite of Marcelo, who still has shoots from his recreational career. Especially if he is more or less exempted from the defensive quartermaster. It was the case. Both by the system of the three white centrals and by the visiting blank. Less than blank. Not a glance, even from a distance, at the Courtois ranch in the entire first half. After the duel, zero shots on goal by the Bordalás boys. Lacking in spice – except for a left foot by Modric – Madrid closed the first phase on tiptoe.

The downpour unleashed after the intermission resulted in a less stopped meeting. With the rattle rain, the shock was no longer so flat on the part of the whites. Another local march. Ángel almost hunted a Chilean, in the first and only alert for Courtois. And Benzema could not overcome Soria after a geometric service from Asensio. Another rhythm, another landscape for Real.

Shortly before time the technicians intervened. Both with crumbs. ZZ ordered to mark the change of Marvin, but they alerted him of his annoyances and Vinicius, the indicated one, stayed to the block. Of course, forced to play as a long-distance winger. Shocking the performance of Vinicius and shocking the entrance of Arribas. On the other side, Bordalás sought greater plasticity and ingenuity with Kubo and Aleñá, in addition to striking with a more massive battering ram like Jaime Mata. Nothing at all. Between the adjustments of one and the other, Vinicius, saved by a miracle from exile, screwed the ball and Benzema headed in a clinical and relaxed way. Cucurella gave the Brazilian a world for the center. The azulones centrals did not wake up against Benzema.

The goal had a liberating effect. Madrid was so animated that Mendy forgot that he was central and went on an excursion with Marcelo. The captain, in his most outstanding match in months, braided with the Frenchman, after Arribas brokered, and Mendy did bingo. Enough to bring Madrid within five points of Atlético, although with two more games. Getafe urgently requires a couch. Or more than one.