The 2022/23 season of the premier league It started in the worst possible way Ben Godfreydefense of Everton. It happened in one of the matches of the day, against Chelsea.

In a close match, Godfrey paid dearly for trying to avoid a goal from an opponent. The central youngster threw himself with everything to sweep Havertzwho was left alone before Pickford. As luck would have it, the defender’s ankle got stuck and, as you can see in the video, he can’t prevent it from bending completely.

From the first moment it was sensed that it was very serious.

Godfrey left on a stretcher, with notable gestures of pain, and the first explorations were carried out in the stadium itself. Everton doctors confirmed the worst diagnosis: has a broken ankle.

He was immediately evacuated to a hospital, where the two pieces of the broken bone will be placed. The estimated time off is, at least, between six and eight months, plus the time it takes to return to being fit to play at the first level.