iranian footballer Voria Ghafouri has been arrested this Thursday accused of insulting the national team and promoting messages contrary to the interests of the Islamic Republic, as reported by the Fars agency.

Iranian security forces arrested Foolad Khuzestan player after finishing training with his team with a court order through. The authorities had requested his appearance to answer for the alleged accusations.

Media linked to the dissidence had echoed in the last months of Ghafouri’s criticism of the government and their possible effects on his career.

Iran fans protesting against their government at the match against England.

Iranian national team players refuse to sing the national anthem in protest of government repression

The Fars agency does not provide more information about this case, which comes at a particularly delicate moment for Iran due to the wave of protests unleashed by the death of the young Mahsa Aminiwho died in custody after being arrested for allegedly breaking Islamic dress codes.

The tensions have also moved to the sports field and, in particular, to football. The selection avoided singing the anthem before his first game in the World Cup in Qatar, in an apparent gesture of support for the protests in recent weeks. In the second match of the group stage, however, the national team did sing the anthem.