The president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, will not attend the classic this Sunday (9:00 p.m.) of the Santander League that Barcelona and the white team will play on Spotify Camp Nou, according to sources from the Barça club itself. In this way, an unusual fact is confirmed, since the Madrid president never missed an appointment of the classic in the city of Barcelona since he directed the club.

The Barcelona entity has already received confirmation that the top manager of Real Madrid, who He had gone to the box even when his team returned to play the Barça feud with Figo recently signed (let’s remember the pig’s head and the bottle of whiskey), he will not finally travel to Barcelona to witness the match live. Although no reasons have been specified, this unprecedented fact has a few compelling reasons behind it.

The tension between Real Madrid and Barcelona at the institutional level It is at its highest point in the last decade, after being reduced to a mere sports pique since the return of Joan Laporta to the culé presidency. Until a few days ago, Laporta and Florentino went hand in hand in their fight against the League, Javier Tebas, CVC, and UEFA, as champions of the modernization of football through the European Super League.

However, relations have cooled in a matter of hours at astonishing speed, ever since the white team, led by Florentino Pérez, decided to appeared a week ago as a private prosecution and “affected party” in the judicial process of the “Negreira case”. Thus, Madrid would have access to all the details and documents of the investigation, because being Barcelona’s main rival, it is undoubtedly the club most affected if the suspicions of the Prosecutor’s Office are confirmed.

One more than necessary step to take in the merengue case, since His fans have been crying out to heaven for more than a month for what happened between Negreira and Baça, knowing that she was deeply harmed. But a step that has completely blown up the relationship with the Catalan entity, and especially with its president, who has been more belligerent than ever these days.

Laporta and Florentino.

Real Madrid will appear as a private prosecution in the ‘Negreira case’: what it means and what implication it will have in the investigation

Curiously, Laporta had been rather elusive with everything related to the ‘Negreira case’ in his public appearances, except for moments in which he had let it fall that everything was a campaign to discredit Barça, so that it falls into the wrong hands. Much silence until the involvement of Real Madrid was learned in the matter.

At that time, the president of Barça did not take half a day to launch a forceful response to the accusations he is suffering, with an indirect dart at his archenemies: “Culers, be calm. Barça is innocent of what they are accused of and the victim of a campaign against their honor in which everyone is now involved. no surprisewe will defend Barça and demonstrate the Club’s innocence. Many will have to rectify.”

From then on, this victimist discourse on the conspiracy against Barcelona has been rising in tone in the mouth of Laporta himself, who continues to defend the club’s innocence, logically, even with the evidence against it: “Barcelona sentiment cannot be bought or sold, but it doesn’t get dirty eitherand recently there are some ferocious attacks to dirty our shield that has nothing to do with reality.”

Some, motivated by envy, are trying to erode our reputation with campaigns carried out in bad faith.. And you can be sure that the board of directors that I have the honor of chairing will defend it with all our might”, he told the captains of the different Barça sections in a private ceremony this week.

The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, believes that everything related to the ‘Negreira case’ is nothing more than a smear campaign against the club. Thus, yesterday he denounced “fierce attacks” that he considers only seek to “stain” the entity’s shield and “have nothing to do with reality.”

As can be seen, Laporta is deeply hurt with Madrid, and with Florentino in particular. so much that decided to cancel the typical directive meal of the classicwhich ultimately seems to have motivated the Florentino’s emphatic response, with his decision not to go to the Camp Nou for the game.

Before the match, in addition, Laporta added fuel to the fire with another video on social networks aimed at his fans, insisting once again that the ‘Negreira case’ aims to destabilize the team and, in the medium term, “control Barça , keep it”: “There will be time, and I feel like explaining to you who, why and how they are orchestrating this campaign. Have no doubt that we will defend ourselves. AND We will not only defend ourselves, we will attack.“. The culprit, it seems, Real Madrid.