FC Bayern Munich: Questions and answers about Lucas Hernandez’s imminent prison sentence

Lucas Hernandez from FC Bayern Munich will have to answer to the Spanish judiciary on October 19. What is the situation like? And does the 25-year-old Frenchman actually have to be in custody? Questions and answers.

According to one SPOX and goal In the present court order of the Madrid Criminal Court 32 of September 14, 2021, Lucas Hernandez has “breached a judgment or an injunction”. Therefore, Hernandez “must appear before this court at 11 a.m. on October 19, 2021 so that he can voluntarily go to a correctional facility of his choice within ten days.” The sentence is said to be six months.

The said judgment, against which Hernandez is said to have violated, is probably a ban on contact and approach (Article 48 Penal Code) towards his girlfriend at the time and now wife Amelia de la Ossa Lorente. This ban was imposed in February 2017 as a result of a violent argument on the street between the two of them.

After Hernandez and de la Ossa Lorente, who now have a three-year-old son, were reconciled, they traveled to the United States for their wedding. When they returned on June 13, 2017, the couple was intercepted at Madrid Airport. However, only Hernandez got into trouble because his wife had apparently not yet officially served his wife with the six-month ban on contact.

At the subsequent trial in December 2019, Hernandez was sentenced to six months in prison. Also because he acknowledged the verdict of a judge “with full consciousness” with “absolute mockery”, like them Southgerman newspaper quoted from the corresponding judgment.

What is the situation like at Lucas Hernandez?

De la Ossa Lorente wanted to see Hernandez’s cell phone. When he refused, she is said to have injured his neck and face with a key. He then grabbed her and injured her back, jaw and lip.

Subsequently, both were arrested and sentenced to a six-month mutual ban on contact of at least 500 meters and 31 days of social work each.

Hernandez’s lawyers are trying a report of the Süddeutsche Zeitung according to, to convert the imprisonment into a fine. However, a first corresponding application was rejected. In any case, Hernandez will have to appear in court in Madrid on Tuesday. Otherwise he would be advertised internationally for manhunt. It is very likely that Hernandez’s lawyers will then appeal again in order to postpone the threatened detention for as long as possible. The Madrid Regional Court, the next higher instance, would have the last word.

A suspended sentence is out of the question for Hernandez because he had previously been convicted by the Spanish judiciary for another domestic violence case. He is therefore considered a repeat offender.

In Germany, by the way, Hernandez would have been spared the trouble with the judiciary. “Under German law that would not happen. There would be no criminal liability because the victim has agreed to meet with the perpetrator again,” explained the Dresden attorney Dörte Lorenz in an interview with SPOX and goal. She has been a specialist lawyer for family law since 2006 and also a specialist lawyer for social law since 2016. “In this country, the violation of the violent decision would often only be prosecuted against a criminal complaint.”

Hernandez was only occasionally involved in his first two years at Bayern due to recurring injury problems and strong competition. After missing the start of this season because of a torn meniscus, he recently fought for a regular place in central defense. He won the Nations League with France on Sunday and returned to Munich on Tuesday.

Does Lucas Hernandez really have to be in custody?

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