FC Bayern Munich – Dagmar Friday: Rummenigges vaccination attempt selfish

The sports committee chairman Dagmar Freitag suspects selfish motives behind the vaccination attempt by Bayern Munich’s supervisory board chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. “Let us assume benevolently that he wants to increase his willingness to vaccinate, then it would be exemplary if Bayern Munich had used a fraction of his considerable income to advertise the vaccination in advertisements and TV spots with the team “said the SPD politician in an interview with RTL / n-tv.

She would see this as a credible measure. “But now it looks as if he primarily wants to solve his problems, because we know that two players currently have not flown to Qatar because of corona infections,” said Friday. “So the background is probably more to have healthy players and not to increase the willingness to vaccinate in our country.”

Friday also reiterated their criticism of the planned Champions League games for German teams in Budapest. “At a time when it is becoming more and more difficult to gain understanding for the measures among the population, it is increasingly difficult to convey when professional footballers can travel all over Europe – even if they live in what they consider to be a safe bubble “said Friday.

In Rummenigge’s opinion, vaccinated football professionals could serve as role models. “For example, if a FC Bayern player gets vaccinated, trust in the population grows,” he said at Sport1, but assured him: “We don’t want to push our way at all, but footballers could make a contribution to society as role models.”