Aminata Diallo has been released under judicial control after leaving the prison where he had been since last Friday for his alleged involvement in the beating his former PSG teammate Kheira Hamraoui due to sports rivalry. This was decided by the Versailles Prosecutor’s Office, which coordinates the investigations into this matter that has shocked French sport.

As reported Franceinfo, Diallo will not be able to leave the country, nor come into contact with the others involved in the case and will have to establish residence in his father’s house. The 27-year-old player is accused of “aggravated violence” Y “association of malefactors”.

Aminata Diallo and Kheira Hamraoui.

Diallo’s Google search days before ordering the brutal assault on his partner Kheira Hamraoui: “How to break a kneecap”

Diallo is suspected of having orchestrated the beating that hooded men armed with iron bars gave Hamraoui last November 4, 2021 to try to seriously injure her. The objective, according to the investigators, was that Diallo took over the starting job from Hamraoui both in PSG and in the France team.

This case, which evokes the one that occurred in the 90s among American figure skaters Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan -who received a beating ordered by the first-, has four others involved, all men.

Hamraoui was attacked on the night of November 4 when she was in a car led by his then PSG teammate Diallo while returning from a fellowship dinner with the whole team. The vehicle was immobilized by the aggressors, who took the first and they hit him with an iron bar on his legswhile they rebuked her asking if she liked sleeping with married men.

Women's PSG players.

PSG removes the women’s coach on suspicion of sexual assault on a minor

In the more than ten months that have passed since these events, one of the hypotheses considered was that of revenge for the relationship that the victim had with former Barcelona player Eric Abidalwith whom he coincided in Barcelona when both were at Barça.

Abidal’s wife asked him for a divorce after it was made public, as a result of this shady affair, extramarital affair of the former soccer player with Hamraoui.