Daniel Alves will play this Sunday in the Camp Nou and he will do it as a visitor, with the uniform of the Cougars, his new team after his departure from Barça. The Brazilian will be one of the demands of the Joan Gampert Trophysince he will have before him the opportunity to say goodbye to what was his hobby.

After one of the training sessions prior to the match against Barça, Alves delved a little deeper into his departure from FC Barcelona. “I’m not hurt, I am eternally grateful to Xavi, Laporta and the club for letting me live these six months. I know it was very difficult to come back and it was thanks to them”, explained the Brazilian. “It was a beautiful situation that is not paid for with anything. He knew the moment the club was going through, that’s why I came to help, but he also knew that he had a contract for six months, not five years.”

In addition, Alves took the opportunity to clarify some of his words that caused a stir in the club when he came to say that he was not happy with the way Barça had of doing things. “The only thing I said is that I would have liked to have been told earlier so I could say goodbye to people. The last game I couldn’t do it, because I didn’t know if I would continue. Luckily, football has given me the opportunity to be able to say goodbye to people, because once you are a culé, you are forever”, he reflected. “Not even in the best scripts would I have thought of returning so quickly, but football is beautiful and cares of the people who respect him.”

Dani Alves, during a warm-up of FC Barcelona.

Dani Alves, hurt after leaving Barça: “Barcelona don’t care about the people who made history for the club”

Regarding his participation in the Joan Gampert with Pumas, Alves looked for a way to throw a dart at the real Madrid. “It’s strange to play here with a shirt other than Barça’s and it will be a very special game for me,” he explained. “The only thing that makes me lazy is going back to the Camp Nou… in white!!! That’s hard for me“.

In addition, the Brazilian pulled of recochineo when speaking of the eternal rival and the pumpkins of Mbappe. “Madrid escaped… bad luck“, ironically before saying that he would sign before Haland than to French.