BVB findings on the Champions League out against Sporting: An indictment of the team and leadership

Borussia Dortmund experienced an evening to forget at Sporting Lisbon and from then on played in the Europa League. It’s not just the team on the pitch that is to blame for this. Three insights into the end of the Champions League.

“Sporting did nothing for the game and won 3-1. That is difficult to accept,” said a constrained Marco Reus after the Champions League break and an all in all “shitty” evening on DAZN-Microphone.

However, BVB actually did even less in the self-declared “final” than the Portuguese, who were mainly limited to counterattacking, for whom it was also such a thing, by the way.

The Dortmunders missed a clear game idea and were too quickly disturbed. The performance in Lisbon also showed that the second suit is a long way from being in place. Three insights into the premier league from Westphalia.

“We have an important final in front of our chests,” said BVB coach Marco Rose before the game against Sporting. Progress in the premier class was ultimately at stake – a classic do-or-die game.

BVB indictment against Lisbon: Dortmund misses everything

The Westphalians’ game was too unimaginative and static, numerous attacks were not played cleanly to the end. Except for the usual early start, as was so often the case this season, it was not possible to see what would distinguish BVB’s game. Against a compact defending Sporting, Dortmund came – again – only rarely dangerously in front of the goal.

The second half, in particular, was like an indictment: BVB only fired two shots on goal (Sporting four) – mind you, they were 2-0 down. Given the starting position, there should have been fireworks from Dortmund.

And Sporting? They remained passive, especially at the beginning, despite the actual final character of the game, but showed themselves to be “more uncompromising and more consistent” (Rose) than BVB. Head coach Ruben Amorim seemed to have prepared his team well for the weaknesses of the guests. Unlike possibly Rose, because he didn’t even know the name of the person he was talking to until almost 24 hours before the meeting.

Of course, BVB is missing or missing a few top performers, above all Erling Haaland, who has been injured for weeks. But that shouldn’t hide the lack of quality and breadth in the second row.

Nico Schulz, Reinier or Marin Pongracic: None of the supposed reservists manage to put pressure on the early returnees, let alone recommend themselves as an adequate alternative. Without players like Haaland or Raphael Guerreiro in the starting line-up, Dortmund lacks creativity and punch. The discrepancy in the Dortmund squad is far too big.

The game had actually started solidly for BVB despite the lack of penetration. After initial difficulties, the Dortmund team took control. But when everything pointed to an uneventful first half, Schulz initiated the lead for Sporting with his mistake out of nowhere.

That obviously upset the Dortmunders. From then on, BVB suffered a lot of lack of concentration, was put under more pressure by Sporting and conceded the second goal only nine minutes later.

BVB is again a victim of their own lack of concentration

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