BVB – Edin Terzic as head coach of Borussia Dortmund: Spontaneously according to plan

Not yet brilliant, but already very successful again: Edin Terzic picks up exactly where he left off in 2021 at the start of his second term at Borussia Dortmund. Before the BVB coach has a solution ready for everything, he finds the right words for many things. Because he has a concept.

The voice a little hoarse – not euphoric, but exhilarated. When Edin Terzic appeared in front of the press after the hard-fought Bundesliga opening victory over Bayer Leverkusen, it was clear: This is roughly how Borussia Dortmund’s old, new coach made his debut in the packed former Westfalenstadion after the sad Corona period with few spectators presented.

“Let’s be louder than ever,” the coach had already demanded via video message on the day of the second enthronement as BVB coach. The goal: to tear the fans out of their lethargy after the disappointing preseason. And now? “We pushed the ball over the line with 80,000 and then defended our goal with 80,000 behind us,” Terzic summed up after the 1-0 win over guests from Leverkusen, who were almost as strong. First intermediate goal achieved.

It almost drips with pathos to exaggerate the 1-0 winning goal in such a way. In the end it was “just” a dust-off, albeit a strong-willed one by Marco Reus and played out nicely beforehand. But the atmosphere was really great and contributed to the success. In the end, every corner, sliding tackle or liberation was celebrated. Not just in front of the south stand.

Terzic’s speech arrives. Maybe BVB needed exactly that after all the accumulated emotional deficits of the Tuchel-Bosz-Stöger-Favre years – and despite second place in the Bundesliga, ultimately also during Marco Rose’s most recent interlude.

BVB: The tone is right with Edin Terzic

Even in the trickiest of situations, Terzic remains clear. After the shock diagnosis of a testicular tumor at Sebastien Haller, he found appropriate words. Terzic focused on Haller as a person and his recovery, without concealing the pitfalls of professional business. It is understandable that his job is to find alternatives in attack. First with existing players like his pupil Youssoufa Moukoko, in whom he breathed fresh confidence. And soon probably with Cologne’s Anthony Modeste as a real Haller replacement.

The tone is right with Terzic. At the BVB family day, he had already sworn the black and yellow community to gamble. “Six more sleeps. When you leave the stadium, you can’t wait to get back.” The Sauerland also received a lot of applause for that – it was the first time since Klopp that a coach was celebrated more than the stars. It is fitting that Terzic set an old Klopp record with his eighth Bundesliga win in a row.

As with Klopp, not all sayings are as spontaneous as they seem. But there’s no harm in worrying about public appearances and giving design a helping hand. The important thing is that it suits Terzic, he remains authentic. The 39-year-old actually means it. The former south stander knows what the fans want to hear. From own experience.

There are also smart ideas. About the unequal title race with FC Bayern. New priorities are needed in order not to lose the line in a Bundesliga that has long been out of whack: “We can accept that other teams are better and win, but we cannot accept that they are hungrier than us,” Terzic said afterwards the start against Leverkusen. Playfully left nothing to be desired, but the passion was back.

Fan favorite Terzic is not only popular with the spectators, but also with the staff. “We didn’t exactly convince in terms of play, but we accepted everything and the coach also plays a big role in that,” praised Captain Reus. Terzic knows who needs encouragement: Moukoko, Donyell Malen and Mo Dahoud, who was strong against Leverkusen, are thriving again.

“Edin is Borussia through and through. It’s not just a job for him, it’s a mission,” said BVB boss Watzke recently table football and warned that the coach might have to be protected from burning too much for his heart club – so that he stays with the Westphalians for as long as possible.

BVB boss Hans-Joachim Watzke wants to protect Edin Terzic