Barça’s hard nights in Europe and its black beast: 21 Bayern goals in the last decade and only 7 Barça players

Gerard Piqué

The FC Barcelona They fell 3-0 to Bayern Munich on Tuesday in their 2021/22 Champions League debut. A result that highlights the delicate moment in various aspects that the Barça team is going through and that lengthens the bad streak in Europe, where in recent years they have lived many nights of frustrations.

You don’t have to go far to find one of the most painful precedents that, moreover, also has Bayern Munich as the protagonist. It was last year, in that final to eight that UEFA devised due to the pandemic and in which the qualifying rounds were resolved as a single match.

A sonorous 8-2 whose ghosts flew over again on Tuesday night the heads of some of the Catalans players who were overwhelmed by a Bayern that, with little, did a lot of damage.

In the last direct confrontations between Bayern and Barça in official matches, in the last six, the Catalan team has only won once. It was in 2015, in semifinals of a Champions League that Barça would end up conquering, his fifth and last so far. The Barça team won the first leg 3-0 although they lost 3-2 in the second leg, for a total of 5-3.

A total of six defeats for the Barcelona club and a goal balance of 21-7 in favor of Bayern, which shows that the German team has become one of the great black beasts of Barça.

To the big disappointments against Bayern except for the glory of 2015, We must add two important blows that the Catalans suffered: the comebacks of Rome and Liverpool in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

Return matches to which Barça arrived with a comfortable advantage and in which they saw how, with the lace of Manolas in the case of the Italian team and that of Origi and the confusion in the corner in the case of the English, the tie escapes them.

However, the Champions 2021/2022 has only just begun and a huge defeat in the first game, no matter how many ghosts it relives, It should not affect, a priori, the aspirations of the culés to advance to the knockout phase, in a group E completed by Dinamo Kiev and Benfica.