Atlético, the king of Carranza

Atlético de Madrid went through Cádiz like a real hurricane. With a win against the Andalusian team (1-4), Simeone’s team did a lot of things well to show a great punch and be crowned the king of Carranza, being the team that has won this trophy the most times (11). Atlético showed a great level of form, with the new players, such as Nahuel, Witsel and Morata, performing at a high level. Along with the incorporations, consolidated values ​​​​such as Griezmann, Koke or Joâo Félix gave Atlético a quite good general tone. Soccer players like Saúl, apparently recovered for the cause, joined the red and white party. Cádiz seems subscribed to another season of suffering. It is a team with enormous defensive fragility, which also has a hard time reaching danger. With those weaknesses he was easy prey for this very effective Atlético. Sergio González, his coach, has a hard job ahead of him.

David Gil (Jeremias Ledesma, min. 72), Fali (Etta Eyong, min. 81), Luis Espino (Mamadou Mbaye, min. 72), Zaldua (Awer Mabil, min. 72), Luis Hernández (Martín Calderón, min. 72), Cala (Victor Chust, min. 45), Álex Fernández (Perea, min. 28), Tomás Alarcón (Kikín, min. 81), José Mari (Santiago Arzamendia, min. 72), Lozano (Álvaro, min. 72) and Lucas Pérez (Pombo, min. 72)
ATM Athletic
Oblak (Ivo Grbic, min. 45), Mario Hermoso (Reinildo Mandava, min. 59), Witsel (Carlos Martín, min. 72), Wass (Marcos Llorente, min. 60), Nahuel Molina (Sergio Diez, min. 45 ), Koke (Giménez, min. 59), Saúl (Lemar, min. 60), De Paul (Savic, min. 59), João Félix (Kondogbia, min. 59), Griezmann and Morata (Correa, min. 59)
goals 0-1 min. 12: Bruise. 0-2 min. 44: Saul. 0-3 min. 45: Wass. 0-4 min. 50: Griezmann. 1-4 min. 86: Alvaro.
Referee Jose Luis Munuera Montero
Yellow cards Cala (min. 20), Fali (min. 45), David Gil (min. 45) and Griezmann (min. 55)

The old football shone in a crowded Nuevo Mirandilla, which honored the survival of Ramón de Carranza, known as the trophy of trophies of the summer. A football of yesteryear, which took on all its expression in the 45th minute, when Saúl scored a goal with his hand that the entire stadium saw except for José Luis Munuera Montero and his assistant. The anger was fat in the Andalusian stadium. Football, without VAR, is no longer football. The absence of technology, therefore, allowed Atlético to score the second goal of the game to seal their good first half. A team, that of Simeone, where Nahuel Molina made his debut as a right winger in a defense of three central defenders as peculiar as Wass and Witsel together with Hermoso. With Saúl as a winger on the left, Atlético was sustained by the good work of Griezmann and, above all, by the speed and accuracy of Morata.

The striker of the Spanish team, still tempted by Juventus for a possible return to Italy, showed a splendid moment of form. His speed unmasted Cala and Fali, powerless against a fine attacker with a lot of instinct. Morata scored in the 13th minute after Griezmann hit the post. The Frenchman put in a pass into the hole and Morata appeared like lightning to win the position from Fali and cross against Dani Gil. Unleashed, Morata provoked a dangerous free kick that Griezmann threw wide and still turned around very easily for Gil to save Cádiz with a good intervention. The good image offered by the Morata-Griezmann couple energized Atlético, superior to a willful Cádiz, which only created danger after a basic resource such as a long throw-in by Luis Hernández to the area that Cala finished off a rebound to the post. Everyone plays with their weapons. Sergio’s Cádiz competes, but everything points to a new season of suffering.

Any hint of resistance from Cádiz was nullified as soon as the second half began, when Wass scored a great goal from outside the area to make it 0-3. Full of effectiveness, Griezmann made the fourth and Simeone took advantage of the moment to make a good handful of changes. Atlético’s potential is estimable, since footballers like Savic, Giménez, Reinildo, Lemar, Correa, Marcos Llorente or Kondogbia suddenly entered. Cádiz, very soft, responded with another good number of changes and a goal from Álvaro Giménez in the final stretch of the match, with details from the winger Mabil. This is how Carranza ended, where Atlético liked to show an excellent image.

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