ancelotti warned yesterday of the threat posed by the calendar and the large number of matches that soccer teams have to play. Real Madrid, his team, is still alive at this point in all competitions and that raises a super-congested immediate future: League, Cup, Champions, selection dates and the unfortunate Club World Cup next week. It is a lot, without a doubt, but it is not a problem that affects all teams: Simeone, for example, knows that until June he will only have one game a week and most First Division clubs do the same.

This calendar problem is experienced, above all, by the biggest clubs with the biggest budget and, therefore, those with more resources to build large and competitive rosters. They are the ones that charge the most for television rights, for prizes in the Champions League and, it is true, the ones that in turn generate more wealth for this industry. Those big ones don’t usually worry much about the problems of the little ones, so I can’t imagine the coaches of the Celtic, Cádiz, Villarreal, Espanyol or from Osasuna dismayed at this time with Ancelotti’s complaints.

They almost always play the same ones because they always have enormous pressure to win

They will think that if Carlo sees his team tired, he has a group of 25 players and a wonderful youth system in Valdebebas to be able to get ahead in tight moments.

That is where the coaches of these megaclubs fail, they almost always play the same ones because they always they have enormous pressure to win and putting the less common equals them with the rest. They do not want to go through there and therefore are victims of the demands to which they are subjected every day.

Everything, admitting that there is too much football. That this sport must be organized in a way that is not so invasive in our homes. I myself get lost with the competitions and the dates, I no longer say anything about the channels and platforms that give the matches. So where Ancelotti talks about the fatigue of footballers, I would talk about the fatigue of the fansmany times lost on whether this derby or that classic will be in the League, Cup or Super Cup.

So where Ancelotti talks about the tiredness of the footballers, I would talk about the tiredness of the fans

And beware, between March and April, Madrid and Barça will play three times in four weeks, with all that that entails. And two of them will do it open and in prime time on TVE, even more exposure. Until then, there is a chance to dose the minutes of competition a bit. The other solution is to play fewer games, enter less money and therefore pay less to coaches and footballers. You may not like that option so much.