Are about to be two months old since Dani Alves was arrested and sent to preventive provisional detention on January 20, when he returned to Barcelona to testify accused of an alleged sexual assault on a young woman in a nightclub in the city of Barcelona.

The ex-footballer he has adjusted well to prison lifeand he feels grateful to his classmates, who have received him very well and have helped him on a day-to-day basis, said his lawyer, Miraida Puentes.

The lawyer has revealed that the Brazilian talk to everyone and stops at sign autographs to those who ask for it. In addition, he is promoting soccer matches in which he participates and in one of them he scored a double, according to Servimedia.

In this way, he rejects the news that warned that the right-back was having a hard time adapting to life in prison, and qualifies as hoaxes the information about a alleged hunger strike.

In this sense, the sportswear requests of the inmates in the Brians prison have multiplied by four since the entry of the former Barça player.

Break with Joana Sanz

Alves is now having to deal with the separation from his wifeJoana Sanz, who this week published a handwritten statement in her “fist and letter” to announce that she was ending the relationship she had with the carioca since 2015.

“They have been horrible months, not the hardest of my life, because I have faced many storms, but yes very dark and painful. The feeling of abandonment and loneliness leads to knocking on my door. Thousands of unanswered whys,” said the model.

The Spaniard pointed out that “I chose as a life partner a person who in my eyes was perfect”, who had always been there to support her and make her grow. “It’s so hard for me to accept that this person could break me into a thousand pieces,” she admits, and she makes it clear that “I continue and will continue to be, but in another way”.