The Barcelona is being one of the teams that is shaking the most in the last days of the winter transfer market. Although the main objective is to get footballers out that he doesn’t have, starting with Ousmane Dembele, do not lose sight of the possibility of acquiring players, as they have already shown with the cases of Daniel Alves Y Fernando Torres.

Moussa Sissoko, agent of Ousmane Dembélé, upon his arrival in Barcelona

The ‘caught’ to Dembélé’s agent in Barcelona: he calls him “Leonardo PSG” as he lands to negotiate his future

The last name to come to the fore is that of an old acquaintance from LaLiga and two other greats: Alvaro Morata. The former striker of Real Madrid and of Athletic, who still has his property, is in the Spanish capital taking advantage of the national team break (although he does not play any of the UEFA) to try to close his incorporation to Barcelona. In fact, he has met this Wednesday with his agent, Juanma Lopez, in a hotel to deal with the matter.

For a signing to take place that would make him follow in the footsteps of Bernd Schuster Y Michael Soler, the only footballers who have defended the shirts of Madrid, Atlético and Barça, need three conditions to be met.

Condition 1: Juventus sign Vlahovic

Although Morata is important for the Juventus squad, Massimiliano Allegri he’s willing to let him go… as long as he has a replacement. The one chosen to occupy the position of the Spaniard is Dusan Vlahović, from Florence. The operation is well advanced, and even the Fiore is already working to find a replacement for him.

As soon as the viola team gets hold of the services of Arthur Cabral, of basel, the domino effect will occur: Vlahovic will sign for Juventus and Morata will already have a free hand to leave.

Condition 2: that Atlético de Madrid accept

Beyond what happens with Juventus, Morata is owned by Atlético de Madrid and they are those who have to decide whether to accept the eventual offer or not from Barcelona. It is not a minor matter: they can find themselves in the situation of reinforcing a theoretically direct rival.

The culé team itself was already harshly criticized for letting Luis Suárez leave in the summer of 2020 in the direction of the mattress team… and that same season he ended up being key with his goals for achieving the league title.

According to COPE, Atlético will not make it easy: they only accept a sale and the footballer has left Madrid with the feeling that it is getting very complicated. Barcelona cannot assume a transfer of the cost that it would entail.

Condition 3: that Barcelona release salary mass

Morata’s landing in Barcelona depends above all on Barcelona being able to pay him, which is not a small thing. The Blaugrana team is working on departures, fundamentally that of a Dembélé who has one of the highest chips in the squad and contributes very little. The problem of the wage bill that already cost him the march of Messi is still very present.

Ousmane Dembele

Dembélé explodes against the remark: “I forbid anyone to give the impression that I am not involved”

These days they are working in parallel on both operations: the French want to continue, but does not accept the downward renewal offer that Barcelona has put on the table. The club, for its part, prefers that he leave now and be able to enter something (they have offers for it), before having to pay him until June and leaving for free. If they manage to get Dembélé out, Morata’s signing will be much closer.