Almeida reveals how he lived the derby with Florentino and his reaction after the penalty not whistled

José Luis Martínez-Almeida will kick off the honor in the derby.

The mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida I speak in The Great Match of COPE and commented on his experience in the box of the Metropolitan Wanda during the derby between Atlético de Madrid and the Real Madrid, in which he saw the game with the white president, Florentino Pérez.

Almeida had no problem talking about Felipe’s hand not whistled by Hernández Hernández. “I saw him next to Florentino, with sportsmanship. We did not agree with the hand. Florentino said it was a penalty and immediately took out the statistic that it was the first time out of eleven that Hernández had not rectified the VAR criteria”.

For the mayor, the action is not hand, and explained his position of view. “For me it is not a penalty. There is no voluntariness and he jumps doing the slightest movement to gain momentum. I do not deny that similar penalties have been called, but Felipe does not see the ball coming. Casemiro’s sure goal? Juanma, you trust a lot in Casemiro’s finishing qualities. Nor would I say that he is the best spiker in the world and that ball was difficult ”.

The mayor of Madrid also commented on Atlético de Madrid’s tweet about his rival’s complaints about arbitration. “The Atleti tweet? It is that we never have the wind in our favor. The referee got it right. That is an involuntary hand “. In addition, Almeida expressed his opinion on the substitution of João Felix. “It reminds me of Kun’s first two seasons with Aguirre. João Félix is ​​here to play for any team but Cholo’s decisions have to be seen with the global character and if this is his criteria, I accept it ”.

Regarding the relationship between Atlético and Real Madrid, Almeida is of the idea that the whites will always be the rival of the rojiblancos in The league, despite the fact that now the second classified is FC Barcelona. “The rival is always Madrid. As i said Luis Aragones, Barça is the one who plays the best; Atleti, the one who best counterattacks; and Madrid, the one that wins”. However, that does not mean that Atlético is the favorite to win the competition this season. “Atlético de Madrid is an aspirant, because it has shown it. Now he is the favorite because he is the leader and the first of the candidates to win LaLiga ”.

Regarding the massive reception of the Atlético de Madrid bus upon its arrival at the Wanda Metropolitano. Almeida gave the fans a slap on the wrist. “I did not like the reception that the team received either. There is a lot of desire for football, but you still have to be very careful. Scenes with so many people and without masks is not the image to be given”.

Precisely for this reason, the mayor wanted to send a message to the rojiblancos fans if Atlético win the league. “We will have to see what the scenario is but at the end of May I think we will have to give the same example that the Madrid fans gave, which was impeccable. The behavior was flawless and I hope that we have the same behavior as them ”.

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