The Bayern Munich He was absolutely intractable to the Eintracht Frankfurt and started the Bundesliga season with a monumental 1-6 win. To make matters worse, Kimmich opened the can with a goal of the most surreal.

Joshua Kimmich opened the scoring in the 5th minute with a free kick that completely surprised the Eintracht goalkeeper, Kevin Trappand all his defense.

Everyone expected a cross and the Bayern player took a right hand out of his sleeve to take advantage of the poor visibility in the field due to the smoke from the flares fired up by the local fans.

Image of the Maracana stands during the Copa do Brasil.

Absolute lack of control in Maracana during the Copa do Brasil: avalanches, flares and smoke bombs

Kimmich’s accurate shot at the near post reached the goal completely out of reach of a goalkeeper who was completely out of position and who didn’t see the ball until it was too late to react and try to tackle it.